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Chicago, IL May 18, 2015
Paytronix Rewards Platform Expands Mobile Features

More home-screen functionality, social features, customizable appearance and reporting help restaurants and retailers tailor apps and improve customer engagement

National Restaurant Association Show – Paytronix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, today announced improvements to its mobile apps that include more home screen functionality, social features, customizable appearance and reporting capabilities. All told, the Paytronix mobile apps enhancements make it easier than ever before for restaurants and retailers to customize their apps while simultaneously making them easier and more compelling for customers to use.

For clients planning to create a custom app, Paytronix offers an Open API REST integration. The API enables developers to tap into all the benefits of the responsive guest web pages to create branded sites, powerful online ordering platforms, and apps.

Paytronix mobile apps make it easy for guests to locate restaurants, identify themselves to the server, check balances, and redeem points and rewards. New home screen features for the Paytronix mobile apps are available on iOS and Android today. Social features are available on iOS and are coming soon to Android. They include:

Home Screen Upgrades prioritize most important interactions:

  • Check In facilitate guest check in with either a scanner-ready QR code or an app-generated ID number that can be input at the POS.
  • Progress Bar gives each guest a visual indicator of where they stand in relation to earning their reward.

Social Features eliminate multiple logins and build brand advocates:

  • Login via Twitter and Facebook.
  • Refer-a-friend capability that enables members to SMS, email, Tweet, or Facebook post a unique link. If someone in the guest’s social network joins the program and performs a small action (e.g., spends at least $5), the referrer is automatically rewarded.

Customizable Appearance enables merchants to easily submit their images and update the look and feel of their app with seasonal specials or unique offerings.

Reporting Dashboards provide merchants with visibility into mobile downloads, registrations, and check-in volume.

“Denny’s is very pleased with the improved functionality of the Paytronix mobile app,” said Erik Jensen, Senior Director of Brand Engagement at Denny’s. “Giving members several ways to identify themselves at the POS in a quick, simple way within the mobile app has streamlined interaction with our guests and made our loyalty program more functional and fun to use.”

“Paytronix understands how important mobile devices are to a customer engagement program,” said Kristen House, mobile product manager, Paytronix Systems, Inc. “Consequently, we are dedicated to continually upgrading and improving our mobile apps with new interactive features that make them more productive for our merchants and more likely to be used by their customers.”

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