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Newton, MA July 28, 2014
Paytronix Publishes Marketing to Millennials White Paper

Paytronix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, today published "Marketing to Millennials," a free white paper sharing insights on the buying and loyalty habits of this highly sought-after demographic. The white paper is available for download on the Paytronix homepage.

Restaurant marketers are eager to attract and build loyalty with the new generation of Millennials and their $200 billion in spending power. This white paper explores Millennial generation spending as it continues to rise, replacing the once mighty spending power of the Baby Boomer generation whose restaurant attendance continues to decline.

Drawn from the results of a Patronix-commissioned Tufts University survey of Millennials, the "Marketing to Millennials" white paper explores how America's emerging generation interacts with restaurant reward programs. Professor Jack Derby's team at Tufts University surveyed more than 500 Millennials for this study, primarily between 18 and 24 years of age.

"The tech-savvy millennial generation wants to interact with restaurants and they're eager to engage with your loyalty program. We went right to the source surveying Millennials for direct insight on how best to reach them -- looking at what types of rewards they like and how they want to receive messages and communications from their favorite brands," said Michelle Tempesta, head of product at Paytronix. "Millennials are more digitally connected than any previous generation, making mobile solutions and digital marketing more important than ever, and we focused this study to help restaurants optimize their mobile strategies and loyalty programs to understand how best to reach, and influence Millennials."

Visit to learn more about the Tufts survey on Millennial preferences, or to learn more about the latest restaurant and retail loyalty innovations. Learn how to engage Millennials through their smartphones and digital devices, and convert them into loyal, lifetime members. To speak with Paytronix about the survey, please contact[email protected].

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