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Newton, MA
Paytronix Launches EXPRESS Pilots for Large Multi-Unit Chains

Paytronix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, today announced a new EXPRESS Pilots program designed specifically to help restaurant and retail chains to quickly create and deploy a new reward program. EXPRESS Pilots leverages Paytronix's out-of-the box features so that enterprise chains can quickly test a variety of elements in a secure, market-focused pilot program; shave months off go-to-market strategies; and significantly reduce costs for program testing.

EXPRESS Pilots are based on the proven Paytronix Rewards Platform, which includes proprietary software that delivers billions of millisecond transactions annually. With EXPRESS Pilots, restaurants get customized mobile apps, mobile payment, promotions, and guest messaging tools as well as a team of loyalty experts to assist in the program launch and assessment of performance.

Paytronix's POS integrations enable valuable operational advantages including:

  • Account Lookup quickly accesses guest accounts at the POS, even when they forget their card;
  • Check-Level Control adds a menu item, free entrée, discount or tender to the check based on a program's specific rules for 1-to-1 redemptions;
  • POS Messaging displays messages to cashiers and prints guest messages on receipts;
  • Store and Forward accruals automatically in the event of Internet disturbances;
  • Central Configuration Updates makes program changes centrally and then quickly distributes them to all locations.

The Paytronix Reward Platform can host an enormous number of customized reward programs from simple electronically delivered visit "punch card" programs to highly sophisticated surprise and delight programs that reward guests based on individual visiting and spending behavior. The system simultaneously delivers more than 250 unique programs today.

Beyond the transaction platform, the reward software has a built-in promotion engine that enables marketers to create unique campaigns based on purchase behavior and deliver offers with value stored on members' accounts. Digital messages -- email, push, pull, SMS and geofenced messages -- can be deployed from the same interface. Messages can be triggered in real-time based on purchase behavior, deployed according to a preset schedule, or deployed by the user to nurture guest relationships for long-term retention.

Denny's, one of America's largest full-service family restaurant chains with more than 1,600 franchised and company-owned locations nationwide, recently partnered with Paytronix EXPRESS Pilots to launch a new test loyalty program in select markets. "As America's Diner, it is crucial that we engage and communicate with our guests in a meaningful way that enhances their experience each time they walk through our door," said Erik Jensen, director of advertising and merchandising for Denny's. "Working with Paytronix EXPRESS Pilots has enabled us to quickly and efficiently roll out a test program, 'Denny's Diner Perks,' that will help identify and analyze our guests' dining habits and needs through targeted reward structures and messaging strategies to see what resonates best with them. Ultimately, the results from this test program may be used to determine ongoing guest-centric promotions and future core and limited time product launches."

"Paytronix specifically designed EXPRESS Pilots to help its enterprise restaurant customers cut through the time and technology constraints previously required to design and launch a rewards program," said Andrew Robbins, president, Paytronix Systems, Inc. "From pilot commencement to the full roll-out decision point, we provide the industry's most reliable program data and enable pilot operators to compare their results to our trusted industry benchmarks. Chains quickly get the information they need to make data-driven recommendations to their executive teams, boards of directors, and franchisees."

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