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Newton, MA May 13, 2014
Paytronix Introduces New Credit Card Insights and Platinum Accelerator

New capabilities help design effective loyalty programs, then create a path to engage and nurture members into high value guests

Paytronix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of loyalty, gift, comp, and email solutions to restaurants, today announced two additions to its premium Data Insights offering: Credit Card Insights and Platinum AcceleratorSM. These new tools are designed to help restaurants and retailers, analyze and optimize data from disparate sources so they can better design a customer loyalty program and then segment, communicate with members and drive more value from their membership once a program is up and running.

While restaurants and retailers may know there is a wealth of information locked into customer data, most are unsure how to design and implement an effective data analysis program. Paytronix Data Insights combines out-of-the-box dashboard reports with a team of experienced analysts to help uncover actionable insights from disparate data sources.

With Paytronix Data Insights, restaurants and retailers can synthesize data from sources such as loyalty programs, email clubs, guest surveys, social networks, and online ordering to achieve a complete view of their guests and, ultimately, to send more relevant offers to guests and increase overall sales. Paytronix has expanded its Data Insights with new capabilities that include:

Credit Card Insights -- Helps design loyalty programs prior to launch by collecting all guest data including item-level purchase information, tied to a purchasing identifier e.g. a credit card master token for each customer. This information is analyzed to understand purchase behavior of targeted customer segments and leveraged to design the an effective loyalty program. Once the program is up and running, pre-loyalty behavior can be compared to post-launch activity to determine an ROI by individual customers.

Platinum AcceleratorSM -- Quickly identifies high-spend, high frequency candidates based on demographic and behavioral traits and develops a nurturing path to move these guests up in spend and frequency so that they become platinum guests. Built on a proprietary set of algorithms, the platinum accelerator helps restaurants create more high frequency or “platinum” guests who typically are 10 times more valuable than an average guest.

“Paytronix Credit Card Insights was essential to our loyalty program pilot,” said Jeff Keune, Chief Marketing Officer at Thorntons Inc.  “It gave us benchmarks so we could see which guest segments we were having good penetration and engagement.  It helped us get a very quick read on whether we were changing guest behavior.  We were able to design experiments prior to the start of the pilot to get results.”

“Accurate pre-data about guest purchase behavior, gives a marketer a treasure-trove of information to design a more effective loyalty program, set meaningful goals and know whether the program is developing a positive return,” said Andrew Robbins, president of Paytronix Systems, Inc. “Paytronix Credit Card Insights help a marketer understand their guest segments prior to launch so that you can offer meaningful reward incentives within time periods and spend thresholds that both keep guests engaged and yield accretive spending. The ability to compare pre and post loyalty behavior, tells the retailer by customer segment where they are winning in terms of adoption and ROI. At 30 days from loyalty launch, you can know if you have changed consumer behavior rather than waiting the traditional 6 months. These early learnings lead to faster innovation and greater enterprise adoption of the loyalty program.”

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