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Paytronix Data Insights Reveals Key Steps to Bolster Robeks Rewards Program Impact

Free day of consulting for winner of Paytronix ‘Webinar Warrior Showdown’ challenge results in specific recommendations for segmenting and rewarding customers to increase frequency and spend

Newton, MADecember 7, 2016—Paytronix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, today announced that smoothie franchise Robeks won its “Webinar Warrior Showdown” challenge and received a free day of consulting from the Paytronix Data Insights team. The day of consulting netted a set of key program improvements designed to increase the Robeks Rewards program impact. New program enhancements such as putting the Paytronix predictive analytics features to work to boost promotion profitability, strengthening promotion response rates, and deploying new promotions will help drive incremental guest visits and more spend from each member.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Robeks currently has over 80 smoothie franchise and juice franchise locations open or under development nationwide. The Paytronix-powered Robeks Rewards program was launched in November 2014 and has been successful in achieving main loyalty KPIs, such as increasing its penetration among customers and acquiring early visits. Although the company’s loyalty program is at the top of its peer set in terms of converting new members into repeat visitors, Irene Chao, digital media manager at Robeks, was excited to work with the Paytronix Data Insights team to expand the program’s value.

In preparation for the free Paytronix Data Insights consulting day, Paytronix took a deep dive into Robeks’ member data to uncover new ways of influencing member behavior. The team found that approximately a quarter of guests who visit once will come in for a second visit in a given month. The Robeks team is doing a fantastic job here, but there’s tremendous room for upside.

To bolster other areas of the program that drive overall impact, the Data Insights team recommended four primary tactics to be deployed:

  1. Grow Membership – Not only did the Data Insights team identify non-loyalty conversion as an important area for improvement, but they also identified which Robeks stores are achieving great success in converting nonmembers to members. Robeks can now share strategies for improving locations’ non-loyalty conversion rates across the chain.
  2. Improve Incremental Spending –  Robeks "Birthday” and "We Miss You” campaigns are performing well at first glance. However, with the deeper analytical dive, Paytronix found that the birthday campaign is experiencing a 20 percent lift in visits, but not a corresponding lift in spend. Data Insights suggested that Robeks tier its members by level of engagement, then send offers by tiers to ensure birthday campaigns result in incremental spend.
  3. Add Trusted Engagement Options – Paytronix recommended new ways in which Robeks can engage its guests, such as visit challenges, combining a new LTO with a survey and special offers to its top customers, as well as a "Reward Expiration" eblast reminder to members whose rewards are about to expire.
  4. Bolster Promotion Profits –Using the newPaytronix predictive analytics tool,Robeks will segment its customers into "Likely to Visit,” "Somewhat Likely to Visit," and "Not Likely to Visit" categories so that it can offer different rewards to individuals in each group. They also will exclude those who are “Highly Likely to Visit” from rich offers designed for low frequency guests, thereby reducing the occurrence of cannibalized sales.

“The combination of a free day of consulting from the Paytronix Data Insights team and a better grip on how we can leverage the Paytronix tools has revitalized our approach to the Robeks Rewards program,” said Irene Chao, digital media manager at Robeks. “Rather than blanketing all of our reward members with the same offer, we now use Paytronix account filters to treat each tier and their behaviors individually.  This will have a positive impact on our loyalty program.”

“After looking at the Robeks data, we were able to benchmark the performance of its loyalty program and recommend new ways to pump things up three percent over the next few months,” said Lee Barnes, head of Paytronix Data Insights. “Specifically, getting better at segmenting its customers and then offering targeted rewards should help Robeks Rewards create a tighter correlation between visits and spend.”


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