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Newton, MA December 16, 2014
Paytronix Announces Loyaltees Awards to Recognize Guest Engagement

Paytronix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, today announced the Paytronix Loyaltees Awards, a new program designed to identify and spotlight Paytronix customers who are leveraging Paytronix software to deliver truly innovative and market-defining guest experiences.

The Paytronix Loyaltees competition is open to all current Paytronix clients. The awards will recognize loyalty programs that motivate guests to visit restaurant or retail establishment more frequently. The Loyaltees will showcase the success of Paytronix users prompting targeted guest behavior—breaking new ground with relevant offers that leverage data collected by loyalty programs, and through all of today’s guest touch points from Point of Sale to mobile engagement.

The Paytronix Loyaltees will accept entries in three categories, with an award given for each:

  1. Social: Recognizing brands for combining social media with loyalty programs to drive engagement and enrollment.
  2. Loyalty Innovations: Showcasing new and creative methods for engaging customers through technology-enhanced loyalty programs, such as mobile apps, online ordering, beacons, geofencing, gamification and data analytics/insights.
  3. Relevant Messaging: Highlightingbrands for leveraging data to deliver one-to-one member messages that compel desired behavior from individual guests.

“The true loyalty innovators are the restaurants and retailers who apply our technology in new and creative ways,” said Andrew Robbins, president, Paytronix Systems, Inc. “Paytronix provides a flexible and adaptable rewards platform that brings today’s technology-based marketing ecosystems to the next level.  The Paytronix Loyaltees Awards are an opportunity to celebrate the exciting programs that are percolating out of our customer base of more than 300 restaurant and retail brands.”

To submit a nomination or to learn more about the awards program, visit Entries must be submitted by Thursday, January 15.

Winners of the Paytronix Loyaltees will be announced on February 17, 2015.

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