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Newton, MA December 8, 2014
Paytronix and GAMESCAPE Partner to Integrate Mobile Games with Rewards Platform

Paytronix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, announced today that it has integrated the GAMESCAPE mobile games platform with the Paytronix Rewards platform to deliver a comprehensive mobile loyalty and game app solution to The Greene Turtle, a 37-unit sports bar and grille chain with locations in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington, D.C., New York and soon to open in New Jersey. The combined loyalty and game apps, available on Android and iOS platforms, have given The Greene Turtle’s sports enthusiast customers the hottest reason in the industry to repeatedly engage with its app: making sports picks to earn rewards.

Read about the new app and its fantasy sports games in today’s launch release from The Greene Turtle, here.

Gamification Drives Loyalty & Frequency

Built on the Paytronix Rewards platform, Greene Turtle Rewards includes a POS-integrated loyalty program that delivers an exceptional guest experience – including user-friendly iOS and Android apps. The GAMESCAPE mobile games platform was added to deliver sports-related games and prizes to engage the chain’s sports-loving and competitive guests. Members can pick the winners for upcoming professional games that will play live in the bar that same day. This compels members to visit for longer periods of time while they tune in to multiple games to see what rewards they’ve won on any given day.

GAMESCAPE’s system covers all four US professional sports leagues as well as college football and basketball, ensuring that Greene Turtle Rewards serves up fresh games to play every day of the week. Because the game system is tied directly to The Greene Turtle Rewards program, guests are required to become members before placing picks. This enables The Greene Turtle to gain insight into its guests’ behavior and prevent fraud. Once onboard, they can earn loyalty rewards for winning, typically $10 in Turtle Rewards, which are sent automatically, in real time, to a member’s loyalty account.

"The flexibility of the Paytronix Rewards platform enabled us to easily incorporate fantasy and sports games into our loyalty program,” said Nick Kegg, Marketing Director for The Greene Turtle. “Our general managers report seeing more of the same faces in our restaurants on game days, and they're more interested in the games, including sports they wouldn't normally be watching. This is a big win for us. Members who engage in playing the games frequently typically spend four times the amount our average members spend – these people are valuable to our business. The one-two punch of our new loyalty program and the mobile game solution is helping us keep them from visiting our competitors."

To date, Greene Turtle Rewards has experienced the following results with its combined loyalty and fantasy sports games program:

High frequency & spend – The most frequent game players spend 177% more than the average member’s check, and visit the restaurant 565% more often. Success translates to casual gamers as well, with a 58% increase in spend by all guests who participated in The Greene Turtle’s new fantasy games experience, and an 89% jump in their visit rate when compared with an average guest.

Membership & Relevancy – The games app is driving more guests to join The Greene Turtle loyalty program, with exciting fantasy sports games that are highly relevant to the sports bar’s guests and the 41 million Americans who play fantasy sports.

Continuous engagement – The app keeps members engaged for much longer periods of time, even after guests have left the restaurant, as they check the leaderboard standings or receive a push notification that they’ve won a prize.

 “Incorporating mobile games into its rewards program has helped The Greene Turtle differentiate its brand, increase use of its mobile app, and drive guests in the door,” said Kristen House, Product Manager at Paytronix. “It also has improved The Greene Turtle’s understanding of guest behavior and preferences, which is key to predicting and driving incremental sales.”

 “What could have been a challenging integration project at The Greene Turtle was incredibly smooth and timely,” said John Deosaran, COO of GAMESCAPE. “It was easy to tie in GAMESCAPE with Paytronix’s well-established API and, looking ahead, that will also allow easy rollout of geofencing and other mobile innovations.”


GAMESCAPE works with hospitality businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and live-event venues to turbo-charge their customer loyalty and rewards programs through the application of game mechanics. GAMESCAPE’s mobile platform helps our clients attract more members to their loyalty programs while providing greater opportunities to connect with customers. The GAMESCAPE platform delivers a variety of fantasy sports-themed games that are fast, easy, and fun while being operationally simple to deploy, manage, and maintain. GAMESCAPE is a privately held company based in Maryland.


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