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Newton, MA August 4, 2015
National Coney Island Expands Loyalty Membership With Paytronix Promotions and Messaging

Instant-wins promotion nearly doubles monthly registrations and increases visits by 40 percent for popular Coney Bucks program 

Paytronix Systems, Inc., a leading provider of reward program solutions to restaurants and retailers, today announced that the National Coney Island restaurant chain has successfully increased guest frequency and spend with its Paytronix-powered Coney Bucks™ rewards program. A July 2014 instant-wins promotion almost doubled new Coney Bucks registrations over the average previous months’ registrations.

Roseville, MI-based National Coney Island owns and operates 20 restaurants in Southeastern Michigan and has been in business since 1965. With a menu centered around its signature Detroit-style hot dog with chili, mustard and onions, National Coney Island also offers all-day breakfast, burgers, sandwiches and desserts in a fast-serve format.

Two years ago, National Coney Island replaced its coupon-based advertising program with the new Coney Bucks rewards program, which is built on the Paytronix Rewards Platform. Offering discounts based on frequency and spend, Coney Bucks also collects data that helps the restaurant chain better understand and engage with its guests. To date, Coney Bucks has accumulated 58,000 members, many of whom visit as frequently as three times a day.

National Coney Island has deployed Paytronix promotions, messaging, and test-and-control features to help continuously recruit and engage with its loyalty program members.

Promotions -- Last July, National Coney Island celebrated National Hotdog Month with an instant-win promotion targeting two segments to drive desired behavior. First, it gave unregistered guests who visited that month the chance to win a free beverage, fries, or a Coney Combo. These rewards were only made available for redemption upon registration. As a result, registrations for that month nearly double that of previous months, and the increase continued over the following three months.

Next, the promotion also gave registered guests a chance to win and, since the expiration dates on the instant-win rewards were relatively short time periods, when guests redeemed the rewards, it created an incremental visit during the promotion month. Visits for this segment rose 40 percent when compared to the average visit behavior recorded during the three months leading up to the promotion.

Behavioral Messaging – Enables National Coney Island to engage with guests, increase visit frequency and spend, and to explore a variety of offers.

Target and Control – Helps National Coney Island determine which offers will deliver incremental and profitable visits. For instance, a head-to-head offer test was performed between a dessert versus a milkshake. The test proved that the milkshake offer delivers more incremental visits plus those who redeem a milkshake tend to spend about a dollar more per check than those redeeming a dessert.

“Overall, Paytronix has helped us to increase knowledge of our guests and keep them engaged with both our loyalty program and our brand,” said Martyna Nowak, marketing director, National Coney Island. “There’s a lot of competition in this area. Coney Bucks further differentiates our offering and makes a positive impact on sales. I look forward to further sharing our story at PXUX in September.”

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