Why Creating a Frictionless Customer Experience is Essential

How can restaurant and c-store brands make the shopping experience simpler at a time when consumers expect the items they order to literally appear on their doorstep? Whether they are shopping online, on their phones, or in the store, your customers seek convenience.

In fact, 72% of consumers would buy more items if a brand offers convenient delivery options. And 63% of them are willing to pay a higher price for on-demand items.

Therefore, brands that cannot meet the expectations run a very real risk of losing their consumer bases entirely.

How to Reduce Friction in Your Buying Process?

In the latest Paytronix e-book, Convenience Is the New Currency: How Decreasing Friction Increases Profits, we discuss the trends influencing how consumers are shopping and the strategies available to help reduce friction in the shopping experience.

A major driver of these trends is an increasing reliance on mobile phones and tablets. On average, people check their phone 52 times per day, which is up from the 47 times per day of last year. Customers want instant access to brands and expect their interactions with them to be as convenient and personal as possible.

The Paytronix e-book examines the ways that brands can increase customer loyalty, visits, and spend by reducing wait time. Research indicates that 74% of shoppers will shop at a competitor rather than at a store with a long line, while 41% of them will change their minds about making a purchase when faced with a long line.

In 2014, Panera Bread was seeking to attract more lunch business by making the ordering and food delivery process quicker. The brand achieved its goal through Panera 2.0, an initiative to enhance the guest experience, which implemented kiosk ordering stations and made dozens of other process improvements to shrink the time a customer waits for that toasty bread and tasty soup.

Creating a frictionless customer experience is essential for businesses today. Focusing on convenience can be the difference between a brand that thrives and one that doesn’t survive. Our next blog explores proven strategies for improving the convenience of the shopping experience in order to increase customer loyalty, visits, and spend.

To learn how you can keep guests engaged with your brand by eliminating any friction points in the buying process, download the e-book here.


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