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5 Ways to Have an “Up Top” Moment

October 21, 2019

At this year’s fifth annual Paytronix user conference, PXUX 2019, members of the Paytronix team and current customers shared their “up top” moments. These reasons to celebrate might involve achieving personal success, crushing company goals, or staying “up top” and ahead of the competition.

Everyone who joined us in Denver learned a lot over the course of the two days. But if you couldn’t attend PXUX this year, here are five ways that you can have an “up top” moment too:

  1. Harness the power of one platform. Coordinating multiple vendors adds complexity to your marketing strategy. When you work with one platform rather than having to spend time and energy managing multiple relationships, you can focus on what matters most. There are also fantastic benefits of using multiple parts of the platform in tandem. Customers with loyalty cards containing stored value spend 120% more than those with loyalty only. Meanwhile, when gift cards are redeemed through online ordering, there is a 6% increase in average check size, and when loyalty is added to online ordering, there is an 18% increase in ordering frequency.
  2. Create huge wins with artificial intelligence. Your customer data is incredibly powerful and can be used to not only predict behavior, but also influence it. Crafting promotions that prompt incremental visits and spend from individuals instead of segments will have a significant impact on your sales. Our data insights customers who implemented a one-to-one visit challenge achieved an impressive sales increase of 496%.
  3. Make customer recovery easy. As hard as you try, sometimes things go wrong and your guests have a bad experience. But resolving the matter with a face-to-face interaction isn’t always possible. When customers respond to a post-purchase survey and indicate that they’re dissatisfied, the restaurant manager can send an automated message that addresses a common complaint like food quality or delivery time. A swift response can lessen the sting of a negative experience, and it may also pay dividends down the road. In fact, guests who rate their experience between 0 and 3 stars (out of 5) and then receive a response from the restaurant are 11% more likely to order again.
  4. Engage your guests with the right messages at the right times and in the right places. Our team shared both the content and deployment of 11 campaigns that proved to be effective in reaching customers. Choosing from email, text, push/pull, and geofencing depends on the message and what’s likely to be most successful. For instance, considering a guest’s local time will help your emails land right when you want them to. You can also measure engagement on different media through multiuse coupon codes.
  5. Update a successful promo. Just because something is successful doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. One way for the old to be made new again is by incorporating click-to-load offers into emails. These promotions require a click on a call to action before the offer is added to a guest’s account. They reduce cannibalization by not applying the offer to customers who may have purchased the item anyway. In one example of a brand testing click-to-load, the spending lift for the control group was 120%, but guests who were given a click-to-load offer produced a spending lift of 260%.

Next year’s event promises many more “up top” moments. Be sure to join us in Boston on September 16th and 17th for PXUX 2020! In the meantime, scroll through the slideshow below to see some of this year’s highlights.

Up Top! - Kicking off Day 1 of UpTopPXUX with a high-energy introduction from our Co-founder Matt d'Arbeloff.

New Email Marketing Tools to Make Building Emails Easier

Creating an email from scratch can be tiresome and time-consuming if you don’t have the right tools in place. But by leveraging the new Email Builder, you can quickly complete the task and enjoy a great user experience in the process.

Email Builder is a drag-and-drop email design tool that is crafted for ease of use and flexibility. With this new tool, you can start with a blank slate or choose from a variety of design templates.

Here are the three biggest benefits of this exciting new tool:

Design: The new user interface makes it easy to drag and drop content into the preview pane and then determine whether you like the look of your email. And since most guests tend to read emails on a mobile device, you can preview how your email will look in a mobile view as well.

Efficiency: Do you find that you waste time searching for and uploading creative files each time you craft a new email? That won’t be the case with Email Builder, which is equipped with a shared content library so you can upload the creative assets (images, logos, etc.) needed to design and build your emails. Saved assets can be accessed again in the future, and if you need any additional images, you can search through thousands of ready-to-use, royalty-free ones. Collaboration is also easy, as emails can be saved and reviewed with your team before being sent.

Brand Management: If you have a specific style guide for your brand, you can create and save style templates to set brand colors, fonts, logos, and images. By creating a style template in Email Builder, you will ensure that all of your emails are on brand, regardless of who creates them.

Don’t wait to make email building a breeze! Access Email Builder by logging into > “Marketing Tools” > “Email Tool” > “Create New Email.” You will see the new Email Builder and can get started right away.

PXUX Highlights 13 Ways to Change the Game

The future of restaurant marketing is happening right now. At this year’s Paytronix users’ conference, PXUX 2018, presentations from both Paytronix and its customers told stories of innovation and exceptional guest experiences. A path toward true machine-based one-to-one marketing has officially been plotted. Here are 13 ways to change the game – all from PXUX 2018.

Several exciting learnings were presented on the first day, when Andrew Robbins discussed the big picture in his annual PaytroNEXT session. The way guests want to be engaged is changing and we have three active initiatives that marketers need.

  1. One-to-One – True one-to-one marketing is difficult but provides huge value for the brand. Machine learning enables our proprietary algorithms to find the right offer for an individual and deliver it at the proper time to motivate the next visit. A visit challenge could feature a universal offer: “Visit 5 times in the next 4 weeks and get a free coffee.” Or every portion of it could be tailored to each guest: “Visit X times in the next Y and get a Z.” There are thousands of permutations of this, and an effective one-to-one solution can have five times the impact.
  2. K100SM – We’ll be getting data from many sources to round out customer profiles, whether they are program members or not. When we know 100% of our guests, we can deliver a 20% impact. This solution will be respectful to the consumer so that it is accepted as the new norm.
  3. Self-Driving CRMSM– The new world of one-to-one CRM is complicated, with computers and automation being used to determine what is right for each guest. Just as self-driving cars will safely and quickly get us from point A to point B, the same is true for self-driving CRM. The combination of machine learning and marketing automation will produce greater visit frequency and more spend. Paytronix not only focuses on what brands need today, but also develops the technology for what they will need in the future.  


Considering PXUX 2018? Here Are 12 Things You NEED To Know



Making the decision to go to any conference is tough: Time away from your desk is always nice, but you need to make sure that the time away from work is going to be worth it!

Luckily, PXUX isn’t just any conference: It’s packed with opportunities to maximize your customer data and boost sales.

To be sure you’ve got the full idea of everything you’ll get out of PXUX 2018, we’ve compiled the definitive list of how attending this year will set you up for major wins: […]