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Rewards Platform

The rewards platform powered by Paytronix includes the industry-leading POS-integrated rewards solution, smartphone apps, mobile-friendly guest web pages, and an unmatched promotion and messaging engine.

At the intersection of social, mobile, and loyalty programs, you’ll find Paytronix, a digital rewards platform for restaurant and convenience store marketers.

Program Design Options

Reach the broadest audience on your guests’ device of choice – smartphone, PC, or tablet - using the channel they prefer – social, email, SMS, or push messaging – to fill your restaurants with members who spend and visit more often than your average guests.

From surprise and delight programs to social challenges to traditional frequent-diner programs you’ve found the technology that can keep pace with your guests’ preferences, your creativity, and the needs of your business.

 | Designing a Program That's Right for You
Member Acquisition Tools

The more members you have , the greater your ability to drive sales. Guests can become members via the medium of their choice – online, in-store, text to join, iPhone and Android Apps, and Facebook Connect.

 | Enrollment and Registration
Mobile Apps

Engage guests on the one channel they always have on hand with an iOS or Android mobile app. Enable your guests to find your location, check their account balance, and pay for meals with just a few clicks. With an ever-growing feature set, including geofencing technology, the possibilities for one-to-one mobile communication are endless.

Rewards Management

Reward your guests for the specific behaviors you choose in order to drive revenue. At the POS, our software tracks and rewards in real time based on actual guest behavior. It also delivers up-to-date account information on both the POS cashier screen and the guest’s receipt. And at any time, the member can log in to his or her account online or use the app to check points or reward balance.

Rewards are placed directly on the member’s account and are redeemable at the POS. There’s no need for paper certificates, and the delays and costs associated with fulfillment are removed.


 | Loyalty ROI

Drive additional visits and spending with one-to-one promotions. The guest behavior data captured during member visits enables them to be relevant, timely, and productive.

Promotions can be extended to all members or just a select few who need a little extra incentive to visit during a certain day or daypart or to purchase a specific menu item. With the powerful Account Filter and Campaign Tools, you’ll have the ability to place incentives on targeted accounts and then notify those members about the promotion with an email, push, pull, or SMS message.

Discover additional guest behavior trends and methods for guest segmentation through our Data Insights team.


 | Real Results for Loyalty Promotions

View reward earning and redemption in real time. Automatically send accurate reports containing transaction activity and outstanding liability to your accounting team. Match your program’s reports to your chain’s precise fiscal periods.

See the exact impact of your program, from the number of visits it compelled to the amount spent. We call this data Eat-ThruSM Statistics.

Managing Your Program

Everything you need to manage your program and deliver effective promotions is at your fingertips in the Merchant Interface. Available online 24/7, the Merchant Interface is your personal epicenter for compelling guest visits, spending, and referrals.  

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