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Gift Programs

Inviting guests to experience your brand with gift cards is the first step toward a greater share of mind and wallet. Get gift cards into more guests’ hands with Paytronix.

Our gift card innovations ensure an exceptional guest experience at all touch points - in-store, mobile, social networks, and online - bolstering your brand’s sales throughout the year.

Gift card sales come with a variety of special accounting needs. From money movement to discount tracking to liability and escheatment reporting, the Paytronix gift card system is the best choice for your restaurant chain.

Mobile Gift Solutions

Are you ready for guests to present their mobile device for payment in your restaurants?

Harness this mobile payment technology and deliver ultimate convenience to your guests. When it’s easy to do business with you, guests will visit again and again. Enable guests to select their preferred payment method - Apple Passbook, Google Wallet, or our brand-specific Android and iPhone apps.

Multi-Channel Merchandising

The secret to selling gift cards - whether physical or virtual - is making it easy for guests to find them when and where they are needed.

Provide online options with our physical card web sales and eGift features, which plug into your existing website. With eGift, you can lift sales by capturing guests’ last-minute gift-giving purchases. Guests are able to send eGifts to friends and colleagues via email or Facebook.

Plus, gift cards can be sold in retail locations, discounted club stores, and other places. Paytronix has integrations with Blackhawk Network, Incomm, Hallmark Insights, and to help you reach as many gift card purchasers as possible. And we’ll track your cost of sales for each channel too!

Marketing Tools

Having the right tools to make a positive impact on gift card sales makes marketing, accounting, and operations people happy. Paytronix specializes in delivering two tools that are specifically designed to encourage sales: 1) combined rewards and gift cards and 2) unique promotions.

Offer a combined rewards and gift card for maximum convenience. Guests can recharge value on their gift account, earn rewards, and redeem either aspect from one card. Spurring gift card sales during the holiday season and throughout the year boosts sales for your restaurant. Paytronix gift and comp card programs give the restaurateur several options for incenting sales, deploying promotions, and tracking discounts efficiently.


Enabling the efficient movement of money between franchisees selling and redeeming gift cards helps your team focus on more sales.

Accounting executives rave about our money movement, liability, discount tracking, and escheatment processes. These unique features have compelled hundreds of clients to choose Paytronix.

Customizable to your organization’s fiscal periods, our gift-card reporting system saves accounting groups precious time.

Switching to Paytronix

Nearly all of our clients switched from another gift provider. Leverage our experience and start selling more gift cards today.

We preserve the key elements of your existing program:

  • Card numbers for unique account identification
  • Card activation dates for appropriate expiration and escheatment processing
  • Current balances on active cards for consistent liability reporting

To provide continuity for your staff and guests, we deliver a simultaneous cutover across your locations. Operational stability and accounting accuracy are our primary focuses when transitioning your gift program.

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