The Loyaltees Awards highlight leading and innovative brands in the restaurant and retail industries. When it comes to incredible guest engagement strategies, this year's winners set a new standard of excellence.


Predictive Analytics: How to Learn Your Customers’ Next Move

Don't miss the next step in guest engagement evolution. Guest segmentation has advanced from sorting individuals based on what they did to sorting them based on what they will do. When you can predict your customer's next move, you can send them more relevant offers that result in incremental visits and spend, rather than cannibalization. 

This webinar will introduce the concept of guest scoring. You'll learn how to simplify complex data sets to accurately label each customer with a score that indicates their likelihood of visiting your store or restaurant. You'll gain new insights in how to better engage segments of your guests based on their score and you'll walk away with segmentation and engagement tools that set your brand apart from your competitors.

It's the next best thing to having a crystal ball! 

Enjoy the webinar!