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One Million Native Foodies... Now What?

In this brand-new webinar, you’ll gain a different perspective on how to bolster a million-member rewards program with new technology. You’ll hear from both the CEO and former VP of Marketing at Native Foods, a 14-unit vegan restaurant chain that leveraged its program to grow by 350 percent in seven years.

Native Foods CEO, Michael Mack, co-founded and built Garden Fresh (Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes). Starting with twof restaurants, he grew Garden Fresh to over 125 restaurants in 15 states. He will discuss how investing in new technologies is helping fulfill his vision of growth for Native Foods.

Jesse Marshall, the former VP of Marketing at Native Foods turned data scientist, will share the insights he gained overseeing the Native Foodies program’s growth to more than 1 million members. He’ll show how he identified the need for new technology to automate marketing and maximize the potential of the program.

This special 30-minute presentation will feature stories from both working in the trenches of the program and overseeing its direction at the highest executive level. In an extended Q+A, you’ll get to ask Michael and Jesse questions to gain their unique insights. You’ll walk away with answers to these questions and more:

  • What are the signs that I’m not maximizing the potential of my program?
  • What factors encourage executive buy-in when procuring new rewards program tools?
  • How do I successfully leverage my program to foster the growth of my business?

Enjoy the webinar!


Discover How to Drive Incremental Visit and Spend

Pinkberry wanted to create a promotion for its new Pinkbee’s™ low-fat milk ice cream product that would compel loyalty members to act and drive a sales and visit lift over the busy Fourth of July weekend. 

Spoiler alert: Open rates aren't always a good indication of email performance. 


Download this Paytronix case study and discover how Pinkberry was able to drive incremental visit and spend.