The Loyaltees Awards highlight leading and innovative brands in the restaurant and retail industries. When it comes to incredible guest engagement strategies, this year's winners set a new standard of excellence.


Maximize Your Reward Program Profitability

A reward program has one purpose: increase profits.

Some convenience store retailers might think reward programs are just another way to discount and do not generate real ROI. Providing discounts to customers who were going to come in anyway will annibalize sales and hurt profits, right?

But there's a fine line between rewarding deserving customers and giving away too much complimentary stuff. In this presentation, you will learn how to walk that line so you increase profits and stop cannibalizing sales.

What motivates your customers to come in and spend even more? How can you challenge your customers to visit more times and spend more with each visit? This free web event with Andrew Robbins, president at Paytronix, will provide answers to these questions and much more. You'll walk away equipped with innovative ideas that you can apply to your campaign strategies right away. You will no longer wonder how you should reward your customers or live in fear of losing money by giving them too much.