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Can Free Catering Buy Customer Loyalty: Lessons Learned From Chipotle's Summer Rewards Program

Chipotle launched a temporary loyalty program this summer and reports are coming out that the fast casual burrito brand will pay out $20 million in free catering to members who earned the program's top prize. In this webinar, we'll talk about if this was worth the cost, what benefits Chipotle can hope to attain with its program, and what changes it might need to make before it rolls out a permanent loyalty soultion. These are some of the valuable insights that you can take away from this presentation and use to improve your own program.

You'll hear detailed analysis from loyalty experts with more than a decade of experience designing, launching and analyzing some of the top programs in the restaurant industry. If you've been interested in what Chipotle is doing with loyalty, you won't want to miss this free webinar.

Enjoy the webinar!