The Loyaltees Awards highlight leading and innovative brands in the restaurant and retail industries. When it comes to incredible guest engagement strategies, this year's winners set a new standard of excellence.


Guest Loyalty Starts at Their Fourth Visit (so let's get them there!)

In this all new free webinar, you will learn what constitutes as guest loyalty and why it takes four visits for guests to firmly commit to being loyal customers of your brand. And more importantly, you'll learn how to get guests to that crucial fourth visit so you can ensure their continued loyalty towards your brand.

Today, consumers have more options for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner than ever before, which increases the risk of losing guest loyalty. But 90 percent of guests who reach a fourth visit become regulars, which is why motivating repeat visits is so important. In this 30-minute presentation you'll gain data supported solutions that have proven to get guests to come back for a second, third, and fourth visit.

After this presentation you'll be armed with the tools you need to put every new customer on a path towards sustained loyalty and incredible lifetime value.

Enjoy the presentation!