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Paytronix Loyaltees


The Loyaltees Awards highlight leading and innovative brands in the restaurant and retail industries. When it comes to incredible guest engagement strategies, this year's winners set a new standard of excellence. The four categories for 2017 are: Best Loyalty Launch, Mobile Engagement, Loyalty Innovation, and Real Impact.

Below, you'll find the winners as they are announced.

  • Winner: Forward Corp.

    Best C-Store Loyalty Launch recognizes a brand that has either launched their first loyalty program or revamped an existing loyalty program in 2016.

    Forward Corp. Delivers More Value to Customers & Brand with Paytronix-Powered Rewards Program.

    Michigan-based Forward Corp. updated its 10-year-old loyalty program by migrating it to the Paytronix Rewards Platform. Enhanced features include email marketing, phone number lookup at the POS, customer-selected rewards and paperless coupons. The new program also includes a branded mobile app that has greatly improved the program members' user experience. With Paytronix removing barriers to joining Forward Rewards, the brand is capturing twice as much customer purchase behavior data, more customers are joining and more are remaining active in the program.

  • Winner: The Halal Guys

    Best Restaurant Loyalty Launch showcases a brand that has either launched its first loyalty program or revamped an exisiting loyalty program in 2016.

    The Halal Guys Loyalty Program Beats Registration Expectations in First Three Months.

    Moving beyond its origins as a NYC-based food cart business, The Halal Guys is one of the fastest growing restaurant brands in America with 38 restaurants and more than 350 in development. The chain needed a rewards program that was easy for both guests and staff to use, that offered the analytics and insights necessary to get close to customers and that could scale as The Halal Guys business continues to grow. The Paytronix Rewards Platform enables The Halal Guys to meet its program registration goals in just three months. It's also given them the ability to analyze customer data and identify new opportunities to motivate guests toward higher levels of frequency and spend.

  • Winner: Pinkberry

    Best Early Adopter spotlights a brand that leveraged a new Paytronix feature to benefit their business in 2016.

    Pinkberry® Drives New Product Trials with Measurable Lift and Attribution.

    To promote its new Pinkbee'sTM low-fat milk ice cream over the busy July 4th weekend, Pinkberry offered a double-points promotion to its PinkCard rewards members, then turned to Paytronix's new Target-and-Control feature to measure the efficacy of the campaign in terms of incremental visits and spending. The delta in both visits and spend were up as compared to the control group, demonstrating that the promotion drove incremental visits and spend. For Pinkberry, double-points proved to be the right offer for motivating purchases of the trial of a new product.  

  • Winner: Uncle Julio's

    Real Impact highlights loyalty programs, campaigns, promotions, or other such efforts that have created a measurable improvement in business results or helped a charitable cause.

    Uncle Julio’s Drives 50% Increase in Loyalty Registrations by Motivating Competitive Servers with Fun Prizes.

    Uncle Julio's designed its new loyalty program to focus on big spending—and by extension, to incentivize both small and large group visits. Rewards are designed to be big and memorable, and to inspire guests to come redeem them with friends who’ll join the party. Upon reaching gold level, members receive an "App Buffet," a reward redeemable for appetizers for up to 15 people during one visit. This encourages large group visits, and corresponding large check totals. Redeeming loyalty rewards causes a ripple effect with guest registration, as friends who came in for the App Buffet say, “Can I get that too?” 

  • Winner: Taco Mac

    Loyalty Innovation showcases creative programs that, through technology and data, have delivered excellent results.

    Taco Mac Reaches a Broader Customer-base: Modernizes Brewniversity with Paytronix 

    Taco Mac’s Brewniversity beer loyalty program is wildly popular with customers, but had outgrown its 25-year-old technical infrastructure to the point where it was impacting the PoS system. To leverage the success of the loyalty program, Taco Mac needed more features, data, and customer engagement, which first required a more stable platform. Implementing the Paytronix Rewards platform, Taco Mac modernized its Brewniversity program—taking it mobile to improve upon just about every aspect of the existing program’s features. 

  • Winner: Tavern in the Square

    Mobile Engagement recognizes great success with customer engagement through the use of mobile features such as apps, messaging, geofencing, payment, mobile responsive pages, and more.

    Paytronix Mobile Platform and Campaign Tools Keep Tavern in the Square on Growth Trajectory

    In launching its mobile app, Tavern in the Square sought to create a unified experience for guests across all its customer touchpoints. Creating digital enviornments that match the brand's presence was fast and easy with the Paytronix mobile platform. Tavern Insider makes it easy for guests to join, check balances, and redeem rewards through its mobile responsive web pages, mobile responsive email and apps that are designed for member convenience and reliability. 

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