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Point of Sale

Your guests and your operations team will love all the benefits of our POS-integrated programs.

Super-quick transactions, occurring in milliseconds, mean fast line speeds, happy guests, and smiling servers.

POS activity is instantly captured on the member’s account upon checking in, when the card is swiped or after account lookup. Based on the business rules for the program, points are accrued and rewards and stored value redemptions are processed in real time.

Our POS integrations enable valuable operational advantages:

Account Lookup 
- Quickly access guests' accounts at the POS, even when they forget their card. 

Check-Level Control - Add a menu item, free entrée, discount, or tender to the check based on your program’s specific rules. 

POS Messaging - Display messages to cashiers and print guest messages on receipts.

Card Exchange - Transfer all account information from an existing card to a new card. 

Store and Forward - Store and then forward accruals automatically in the event of Internet disturbances.

Central Configuration Updates - Make program changes centrally and then quickly distribute them to all locations. 

POS Business Partners

We currently have business partnerships with the POS providers listed below. In addition to these, we enable many other POS integrations. For more details, contact us.