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Mobile Wallets

Position your restaurant for a future of mobile commerce with Apple Passbook and Google Wallet.

How many of your guests are already using mobile wallets to display concert tickets or boarding passes? According Statista, mobile wallet users will increase about 18-fold, from 2.7 million users to 48 million, by 2016. Plus, mobile spend will reach $200 billion by 2015, according to Aite Group.

Ensure that your restaurants are prepared to grab their share of mobile transactions with stored value marketing powered by Paytronix’s integrations to Apple Passbook and Google Wallet.

Mobile wallets offer three key benefits:

1. Increased Line Speed - When smartphones are already in your guests’ hands, the amount of time they spend pulling out a wallet and digging for exact change is reduced considerably.

2. Guest Convenience - Guests can store all offers and value in one easy-to-access location.

3. Broader Reach - The next generation, or the cashless generation, will readily pay for their coffee, burrito, and other items with their mobile wallet.

Integrated with Paytronix, mobile wallets enable guests to quickly join programs, add stored value to accounts, and redeem rewards in the most convenient way available today.

Lead the restaurant industry by embracing mobile wallets, and bolster your mobile strategy without the expense of a custom app.