The Loyaltees Awards highlight leading and innovative brands in the restaurant and retail industries. When it comes to incredible guest engagement strategies, this year's winners set a new standard of excellence.


Mobile Applications

Smartphones and tablets are omnipresent among guests, especially if your target market is Millennials and Gen Z.

Smartphone Apps

Make it easy for your guests to locate your restaurants, identify themselves to the server, check balances, and redeem points and rewards.

We’ve created the white label app - you simply add custom graphics. It includes several welcome screens, the ability to initiate an account, a store locator with map, an account balance screen, and push and pull messaging options. The white label loyalty app has everything you need to always keep your brand in your customers' pockets.


With our REST integration, developers can tap into all the benefits of the guest web pages and mobile application functionality to create completely customized sites and apps.

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