The Loyaltees Awards highlight leading and innovative brands in the restaurant and retail industries. When it comes to incredible guest engagement strategies, this year's winners set a new standard of excellence.



The Paytronix integration methodology ensures that your guests can engage with your loyalty and gift programs in store, online, and via mobile devices.

Paytronix understands the need to deliver a positive guest experience in every digital interaction with the brand, beginning with an integration to your POS system and extending to all guest-related systems and personal devices. Your guests will appreciate being able to interact with your reward and gift programs wherever and whenever the inclination arises.

Point of Sale

Guests love you even more with real-time point accruals and rewards.

Mobile Applications

Guest engagement can happen anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Wallets

Your future loyal guests enjoy all of the available conveniences.

Online Ordering

Reward guests for choosing your brand.

Gift Sales Channels

More channels mean more sales.


With our comprehensive API, your team has the ability to integrate to systems beyond the ones we integrate to today.

Every Paytronix integration, whether performed by our team or a third party, is tested with a complete certification process prior to release. Accuracy and ease of use are the primary motivations behind our integration and certification procedures.

Download our latest brief "Target Your Low-Frequency Guests. Here's Why"
How Do You Reward Your Best Guests?

Download our latest brief "Target Low-Frequency Guests. Here's Why" and take away

1. Why low-frequency guests have the highest potential to increase visits and drive program revenue.

2. How to engage with low-frequency guests and drive long-term loyalty program growth.

3. What small changes you can make to your existing loyalty program to ensure you're engaging with the right people and maximizing value.