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Meet The Team

A product visionary and Paytronix's team leader, Andrew motivates us to be innovative, maintain focus, and serve our customers beyond their wildest expectations. He has earned engineering degrees and a graduate business degree from some of the nation’s most prestigious universities – Princeton, MIT, and Harvard.
Partnering with Paytronix starts with a chat with Matt. A host of finance-related positions – prior to discovering Paytronix in 2001 – prepped him for success. The best highly accident-prone story teller ever, Matt loves spending time with his family.
Listening to the market, making recommendations for scalable product requirements, and developing useful content are the services that Michelle’s group brings to Paytronix users. Her constant thirst for marketing results is underpinned by a BS in marketing from Plymouth State University and an MBA from UIC.
Leading our pack of software engineers, QA team, and systems personnel, Stefan recognizes exceptional work on a regular basis. A true team player, he leverages his computer science education and entrepreneurial experience to manage his team, keeping our clients’ needs top of mind.
Troubleshooting, problem solving, and making our customers happy while creating an awesome work environment for his team are the reasons why Ken is our favorite go-to guy. With a "double E" from Tufts and an MBA from BU, plus experience with the B2 Bomber, he is quite a fascinating character.
Lee leads the Data Insights team, and is a self-confessed data geek that can often be found digging into the data with his team. His undergraduate degree in Mathematics and MBA from Harvard Business School gives him the unusual ability to both execute complex analyses and translate the results into ideas that business leaders can use.
Jamie ensures that Paytronix is a destination for great people by handling recruiting efforts and various human resources responsibilities. An avid yogi, biker, Cape Cod enthusiast, and vegan, Jamie’s nothing short of a formidable force. She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Management and Human Resources at Lasell College.
Jim is the sales leader who constantly inspires the entire team to deliver excellent value to clients and prospects. With over 30 years of experience in sales positions, this beer aficionado, house restorer, and car enthusiast keeps our sales bell ringing – literally.
Kristen is the product management team lead and messaging product manager. She loves delivering buzz-worthy email and mobile messaging features to clients. Kristen graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English from Boston College. She in pursuit of becoming a “Double Eagle” with a master’s degree in business administration at her alma mater.
Keith is a top resource in the technical consulting group for web design and program development. The HTML wizard and PlayStation evangelist executes his projects with finesse. His wit and talent earned him an undergraduate degree in Information Technology from Plymouth State University. He is also pursuing a master’s degree at Endicott College in the same field.
Hailing from Toronto, Canada by way of McGill University, Nick is a member of our technical consultant team. He enjoys translating his background in Physics and Computer Science into real world solutions for his clients. In his free time he enjoys exploring music festivals and performing incredible karaoke.
Ted leads a team of developers that frequently releases software. Outside of work you can find him at the local Crossfit box or in the pool getting in a few laps. Ted graduated from Babson College with a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in IT Management and Entrepreneurship.
Mark leads of a team of Technology Consultants in our Newton office, and maintains an unwavering commitment to ensuring that clients receive strong support and clear direction. He is a graduate of Babson College with a concentration in IT Management, as well as a former left-handed pitcher-turned-softball player.
A Tufts Computer Science graduate, Anthony works within the engineering team to help create the software our customers use. Outside of work you can find him running or at the gym. On winter days though, the Caribbean transplant often finds himself pondering in incredulity the existence of sub 80F weather.
Tom leads the Data Science engineering team. He has been working with big data since before it was a thing. In three decades, Tom's teams have built web search engines, natural language processing, product rating algorithms, recommenders, and all manner of geek fun. At Paytronix, Tom and team find golden needles in haystacks, and think a few billion of anything is merely a good start. Tom has a degree in Economics from Princeton University.
Gaurav is our IT generalist, in charge of supporting all the technical needs of the office—no small feat in a company full of tech-enthusiasts. Luckily, Gaurav’s IT knowledge is unbelievably deep. A Northeastern University graduate with a B.S. Information Technology, Gaurav keeps us all online and sometimes inline.
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